Chisholm residents with disability can be an emerging workforce

Chisholm has over hundred of residents with disabilities including Chinese and Asian. They are just as smart and capable as everyone. Given that “Work from Home” is the new normal. These friends can be part of a new emerging workforce.

If elected, I will chase federal funding to develop furniture customisation and APP customisation so they can work at home for hours. They can do back office functions like taking calls and do order processing. Small business in Chisholm that is recovering from COVID can outsource their non critical function to these new skilled people. Business can safe money, recover faster while our disabilities has new work opportunity.

Both major parties are pleding $2m to $3m to a football club. This is good because health is important. But the same amount of money can be used to equip and train 100 people with disabilities and have them ready into the workforce helping over 80 small businesses.

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