Did you know that thousands of tenants were able to get literally free accommodation

It is no longer an urban myth.  The method is simple, and it goes like this

  1. Find a rental property that is owner self-managed or by real estate agents known for their loose application screening process
  2. Pay bond and first month rent so the tenant can secure the rental property
  3. After first month, don’t pay rent. Let landlord jump up and down for a few days
  4. It will take at least 2 weeks from the rental due date for the owner to issues Notice to Vacate. The owner needs to lodge a few more notices before he can apply for a VCAT hearing
  5. The application process is difficult as the landlord needs to cite the correct legislation and ensure correct documents are provided. It may take weeks before a hearing date is scheduled. The hearing itself can be further weeks away
  6. The tenant can give a “sickie” excuse, that will trigger a reschedule for another few weeks. In some case, the tenant can pull up another excuse and the hearing may be rescheduled again taking up more weeks.
  7. When the hearing finally comes, the tenant may pull out many reasons why he could not pay e.g., Out of work, sick, got covid, family bereavement and others. The tenant may randomly pick maintenance issues as an excuse. He can even say the landlord hassled him for rent. In many cases, he does not necessarily need to provide proof. This will further delay the process, as it is up to the landlord “the complainant” to prove the case.
  8. The process of proving can take more hearings consuming more weeks
  9. Assuming, that the order for repossession eventually comes, it may take up to 6 months or longer. During this time, the landlord struggles to make repayment and the tenant just enough free accommodation.
  10. Once repossession took place, landlord usually face with extensive damages and there is no way he can chase for rental arrears money or compensation for damages. To get these moneys, he needs to track down the new location of the tenants, serve him magistrate order to count his assets, then get another magistrate order to seize his assets and sell.  Quite often, it is impossible to know the tenant’s new location. So the tenant gets off free.

These are many flaws in Victoria current rental laws that the Andrews government just ignore. These are not “robin hood laws” policies. These policies scared landlords from renting their properties which contribute to higher rents and lack of rental vacancies.

Just like shop lifting contribute to price hike on supermarket items, these rental crimes contribute to lack of vacancies and high rents.

Wayne Tseng is running as an Independent Candidate for Box Hill District.  As part of his platform, Wayne will push the incoming government to reform property and real estate laws to protect tenants and property owners, promote healthy rental relationship and rein down on rogue services operators. Wayne will fight to put confidence and value back into Victoria property market.

Wayne will flight for

  • Law reforms governing property development and sales contracts
  • Law reforms on tenancy laws to rein on rogue landlord and tenants
  • Law reforms on building standards
  • Law reforms on real estate agency practices
  • Law reforms governing owner corporations and owner corporation managers
  • The establishment of a “housing authority” that designate special category houses primed for first families but can not be speculated on the market.

Wayne believes with Victorians under “wall to wall Labor government”, Box Hill needs an independent to hold Labor to account and fight for urgent services a growing Box Hill needs.

Wayne will fight for

  • Lower cost public transport
  • Increase police presence
  • Establish more schools
  • Upgrade roads and infrastructure
  • Measures to cut cost of living and
  • Economic development opportunities

Wayne believes that you don’t necessarily have to win to advocate change

For more information, contact Wayne Tseng on 0433 104 830 or wayne@waynetseng.com

PS. This document is long enough, for background information on Wayne Tseng. Simply google Wayne Tseng

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