Poor building standards leads to high occurrence of water damaged properties

The latest series of storm exposes poor workmanship in newly built houses and apartments. Damage caused by water ingress accounts for almost 40 pc of insurance claim.  Internationally, we are known for our quality-built homes in desirable locations. Yet these images shown made us a laughingstock. Something as simple was water proofing has failed to get right. Storm water damaged claims are now the main cause in the rise of insurance premium. Many insurance companies are not putting very high excess for water damage claims making the insurance policies almost useless.  So what has the Andrews government done to ensure the quality building standards?

Wayne Tseng is running as an Independent Candidate for Box Hill District.  As part of his platform, Wayne will push the incoming government to reform property and real estate laws to protect tenants and property owners, promote healthy rental relationship and rein down on rogue services operators. Wayne will fight to put confidence and value back into Victoria property market.

Wayne will flight for

  • Law reforms governing property development and sales contracts
  • Law reforms on tenancy laws to rein on rogue landlord and tenants
  • Law reforms on building standards
  • Law reforms on real estate agency practices
  • Law reforms governing owner corporations and owner corporation managers
  • The establishment of a “housing authority” that designate special category houses primed for first families but can not be speculated on the market.

Wayne believes with Victorians under “wall to wall Labor government”, Box Hill needs an independent to hold Labor to account and fight for urgent services a growing Box Hill needs.

Wayne will fight for

  • Lower cost public transport
  • Increase police presence
  • Establish more schools
  • Upgrade roads and infrastructure
  • Measures to cut cost of living and
  • Economic development opportunities

Wayne believes that you don’t necessarily have to win to advocate change

For more information, contact Wayne Tseng on 0433 104 830 or wayne@waynetseng.com

PS. This document is long enough, for background information on Wayne Tseng. Simply google Wayne Tseng

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