The Lies about Affordable Housing

Since Kevin Rudd NRAS Affordable Housing Scheme, successive government have only put a band aid solution on affordable housing.

The issue is while the government pledged affordable housing, at the same time it promotes property investment as the cornerstone of wealth creation in Australia. If house prices don’t go up, how is wealth created? If prices go up, how can you achieve affordable housing.

There are solutions if the government is willing to put the effort in. Retirement homes and student housing are categories of housing that addresses their needs., These homes can not really be speculated on the market or achieve any price rise, so they are kept at affordable prices.

Wayne calls the incoming government to look at a case for the establishment of a body that coordinates affordable housing for first families. Like retirement homes, these special category homes are designated for first time owners and first families. They can not be speculated into the property market. Once the family is financially able to upgrade or purchase new home, they will relinquish this first home back into circulation.

Singapore has such practice in place for more than 50 years. Their statutory body “Housing Development Board” coordinates affordable housing for first couple or families. These units are not the freehold which really cannot be speculated. Their prices are kept low but adjusted for inflation.

There is nothing wrong with learning from overseas and adapting it for Victoria.

Wayne Tseng is running as an Independent Candidate for Box Hill District.  As part of his platform, Wayne will push the incoming government to reform property and real estate laws to protect tenants and property owners, promote healthy rental relationship and rein down on rogue services operators. Wayne will fight to put confidence and value back into Victoria property market.

Wayne will flight for

  • Law reforms governing property development and sales contracts
  • Law reforms on tenancy laws to rein on rogue landlord and tenants
  • Law reforms on building standards
  • Law reforms on real estate agency practices
  • Law reforms governing owner corporations and owner corporation managers
  • The establishment of a “housing authority” that designate special category houses primed for first families but can not be speculated on the market.

Wayne believes with Victorians under “wall to wall Labor government”, Box Hill needs an independent to hold Labor to account and fight for urgent services a growing Box Hill needs.

Wayne will fight for

  • Lower cost public transport
  • Increase police presence
  • Establish more schools
  • Upgrade roads and infrastructure
  • Measures to cut cost of living and
  • Economic development opportunities

Wayne believes that you don’t necessarily have to win to advocate change

For more information, contact Wayne Tseng on 0433 104 830 or

PS. This document is long enough, for background information on Wayne Tseng. Simply google Wayne Tseng

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