Policy Overview

I am not to sided with either the Left or the Right. The world is much more complex to be just “squeeze into left or right ideology”. My focus is on what Chisholm voters and Australia needs. My advocacies here aim to bring innovative and fit for purpose approaches to meeting upcoming challenges.

Australia Innovates

We should not only promote Australia Made, but also Australia innovations. Policies should be created to increase our intellectual and technology capability into the area of medicine, automation, robotics, arts and others. We also need to create policies to increase our global competitiveness so the world will buy what we create.

First Nation People Welfare

I have a strong passion to ensure First Nation people have equal access to service and opportunity that all Australians enjoy. It will be my priority to push major parties to legislate for the benefit of the First Nation people.

Senior Welfare

Senior citizens is a significant part of the Chisholm electorate. We need to continue to secure better deal for self funded retirees and pensioners

Disability Welfare

Residents with disability are also intergral part of the Chisholm community We need to continue to secure better deal for self for them.

Small and Media Enterprises

With Australia’s 2,000,000 Small Businesses providing employment for approximately 50% of Australia’s workforce and responsible for approximately 1/3 of the nations productivity this is an area that needs to be addressed.

Large Corporation and Multinational

I will push for the government to create law that balance between ensuring large corporations pay their fare share of tax and encouraging them to invest in Australia and create job opportunties.


Australia will continue to need migrant for its population growth. But we do need only attract migrant that bring value to our community. We also need to have program in place to ensure they embrace the common Australia value and encourage them to contribute to Australia at all levels.

Border Protection

Update our list of banned biological and prohibitive products and review penalties reflect what is out there. We just need to keep up with the even changing product list.

Introduce health check gates in customs that uses the latest technology to check if incoming visitors are sick or carrier of some bugs. Protect what is also the most precious in Australia – our people.

Health check must now be an integral part of all board check and quarrantine. Technology now exist to check the health of a person beyond temperature check. This is one area that Australia needs to look at seriously


I don’t gamble. But I will push for national consistent laws that limit the harm gambling can bring to our communities

Negative Gearing and Taxation Overhaul

I do not advocate against change to the negative gearing system. But will push the governments that the list of item qualified for deduction are constantly updated to reflect current trent.

National Integrity Commission

Establishment of a National Integrity Commission. A National Integrity Commission (NIC) would be established to address institutional, organisational, political, electoral and individual corruption and misconduct within Government Departments.


ImmigrationThere can be no doubt that a proper immigration policy can only enhance Australia. I also recognise the efforts of the Liberal Government to hold people from overseas accountable for their conduct while here in Australia.

Industrial Relations

We need to refine the current workplace laws and workers right to ensure sustainable lifestyle while we also need to make our workforce competitive.

Climate Change

I strongly support balance legislation that works towards achieve our emission reduction target while paying way for works in jobs that will diminish as we embark a greener economy.

Innovation and Economy

Our economy will not grow by just handing out more money and cutting tax. We need income that means selling more of our products and services. Covid also changed Australia, old jobs and old industries may not return to as they were. So innovation will be a key component to our economic recovery.