About Wayne Tseng


About Wayne Tseng

What MATTERs is not so much about me. What MATTERS is what I can do for Chisholm.

Firstly, I am a migrant to this country and truly embrace it as my home and not an “extension” of my home country. I speak Cantonese and rusty Mandarin. I am a Vietnamese refugee of Chinese descent.

I completed my primary, secondary and tertiary education in Queensland. In a way, I still talk like a Queenslander – straight up. I did further studies in Melbourne and began my career as a InfoTech lecturer at RMIT. I also worked as a management consultant under different firms including LBMS, EDS and Spectre for clients such as Telstra, NAB, ANZ, Essanda, Melbourne Water, HK MTR, Thai’s Farmer Bank.

For most of my professional life, I am specialised in areas of business to government, government to constituents and business to consumers. These experiences were further expanded when I found multiple multicultural communication firms such as Multicultural Events, Pure Translate, Multicultural Australia. As firms, we provide services to all levels of government and reach out to over 200 communities including First Nation communities. I truly believe Australia moving forward will include more diverse communities. To embrace a multicultural Australia, we need to be united by common Australian values, which will continue to evolve and address the needs of our highly diverse community.

My interest in politics started at a very young age. Even with limited English back then, I took part in school debates and university forums. I believe strong and robust democracy is fought by people. It takes the will of the people, the collaborative effort of the community and the will of government to uphold a strong democratic system. It is a two-way street. So it is important that we defend our democratic rights in every possible way.

I was a member of the Liberal Party and have contested in 4 elections (2 state and 2 federal) on behalf of the Liberals. I have learnt a lot about the Australian political system, policy development, party machinery and the enigma of political donations.

I see a need for change in a number of areas including political donations and citizen engagement in the business of government. I am pushing for greater citizen engagement of business of government. When an MP said that he/she will consult her electorate, do you ever get consulted? We have the constitution right to have our say and our needs addressed. The parliament representatives shouldn’t just follow their party lines .

Modern society is too complicated and the needs of modern voters are too sophisticated for one Prime Minister, one cabinet or one party to have answers to all. When you garner the collective wisdom of all Australians , there is so much we can achieve and we can make things happen faster.  This is what I call greater citizen engagement in our democracy. Consider a small upgrade to our democracy; this is Democracy 2.0.

My three advocacies are

1 – Give the multicultural communities a platform to report racial tension and pressures from outside or within

2 – Give all Australians a citizen engagement platform where they can contribute to the business of government

3-  Give First Nation people a public holiday – a perpetual platform to celebrate their identity, culture and dreams; make their voices heard; make their needs met.

Obviously, these advocacies are not on the Liberal Party current agenda, while I do hope they would realize the importance of the people’s voice one day.

Let’s cut to the chase, it is not easy for a migrant to enter politics. Look at Gladys Berejiklian and and Annastacia Palaszczuk and their political journey said it all. While there is progress, the major political parties are yet to have full representation for not just women, but also First Nation people and cultural communities.

There are not so many 4 years in a lifetime. So after many years and 4 elections, I have decided to find other ways that I can pursue my advocacies.

In 2020, I ran as an Independent for the Melbourne Mayoral Election, pushing for greater resident participation in the council decisions. I was recognised as the world first political candidate to use “participating democracy” as the political platform.

In this election, I am pushing for the any of the major political parties to support these 3 advocacies. I will give my preferences to any of these parties who will publicly declare that they will table these items for debate in parliament.

Give me 5 mins to have a read my website – I shared with you these 3 key advocacies.

Give me your support in the next 3 months – I will use my preference to get major parties to support these advocacies.

Give me 3 years to represent you in parliament- I will push the major parties to prioritise this agenda to restore the continuity, confident, lifestyle and growth that we once had in Chisholm.

P.S answers to common questions from residents and media:

Question: Are you still associated with the Liberal party?

Answer : No, while I thank the people in the party for their mentorship. I do believe my advocacies currently do not align with the party agenda. Like I said, there are not many 4 years in a lifetime. It is time to pursue my advocacies in other ways.

Question: Are you associated with any foreign entity?

Answer: Given the political climate, it is understandable that this is asked. I am absolutely not affiliated with any foreign entity. I remind fellow Chinese Australians that they pledge allegiance to Australia when they choose to become an Australian citizen. Australia interests should be their priority. I am here to promote Democracy 2.0. I think this says it all.