It is no easy task to win over Labor and Liberal. Our strength comes from grass roots community support. We need as many volunteer as we could. As volunteers you get to learn and experience how to campaign. This may benefit your future political or community work.

Once you sign up this form, you will received an email from wayne@waynetseng.com. Please do check your junk/spam folder. The email will give instruction on how you can participate.

If you have any questions, please email wayne@waynetseng.com

I like to volunteer to do the following:

[  ]  Door knocking       

[  ]  Work on campaign        

[  ]  Letter Box Drop             

[  ]  Handout Flyers in shopping strips

[  ]  How out How to Vote Card in pre poll stations    

[  ]  Hand out How To Vote cards on election day       

[  ]  Post and share social media content                      

[  ]  Reply to messages on social media               

[  ]  Create social media content                           

[  ]  Write letters for publication in newspapers or call talk back radio      

[  ]  Manage communication (reaching out to my network via texts, calls, emails)

[  ]  Help with community outreach and consultation

[  ]  Film and photograph the campaign                                  

[  ]  Develop communications/newsletters                           

[  ]  Organizing Fund Raising Events                                        

[  ]  Act as a ballot scrutineer on election day                       

[  ]  Research and develop policy                                     

[  ]  Reach out to senior residents                                           

[  ]  Reach out to younger residents                                        

[  ]  Reach out to multicultural residents                               

First Name     [                        ]

Last Name     [                         ]

Email          [                         ]

Mobile Phone [                         ]

Availability           [                         ]

Comment         [                         ]


Details please send to wayne@waynetseng.com